About Us

Over the course of the last year, the business climate in the United States entered uncharted territory with the introduction of the COVID-19 Pandemic. If even able to be open and operate in their local area, and in order to survive the pandemic, many companies were forced to take a hard look at their bottom line and difficult decisions were made in relieving key employees of their employment within the respective organization. With things starting to move back toward a more normal state, organizations are now looking to backfill those positions that they were forced to cut due to lockdowns, and/or to balance their revenue & expenditures. Additionally, with an oversaturated market of prospective employers and candidates, organizations and candidates can be focused on ensuring that each potential candidate employer relationship is proficient in several areas including but not limited to, personality, skills necessary, work environment, and other factors that will help make a more customizable match between both parties and facilitate a working relationship where both employer and candidate value each other. Jubilant Careers was founded with the sole purpose to help guide all people to their ideal career and provide as many tools as necessary to achieve those career goals.

With this oversaturated market of potential employees & organizations focusing on bringing in skilled talent eager to get back to work and fulfill available positions, Jubilant Careers was created to bridge the gap and bring a more consultative approach to each potential Employer/Employee interaction. Our career services platform is an open community where all parties can interact and make the best choices for themselves as a candidate or for their organization as an employer. Far too often, Organizations are limited to a paper Resume & Cover Letter to sift through potential candidates. This is a very antiquated way of conducting business in comparison to where technology is today. Unfortunately, potential employees cannot always best portray their strengths on a few pieces of paper and what could be the best fit for an organization is overlooked due to the limitations of a resume. The saying “it’s not what you know but who you know” is one of the key areas where Jubilant brings value to both the Client & Employee. Jubilant Careers uses proprietary software that provides equal opportunity. The robust platform encompasses a variety of features that allow the employer & candidate to understand each other on a far more personal level than the standard “run of the mill” employment agency that is strictly looking to make money by placing individuals into roles within a given organization as quickly as possible without honing in on the importance of personability within the hiring process. For the employer, our platform allows each candidate to create a personalized profile that not only encompasses the standard procedural documents but can also accompany their profile with a Video Biography, showcasing the prospective client on a far more personal level. The Potential candidate can also create a personal video specifically for a prospective employer as well. Far too often, the Resume does not capture the essence of the candidate & showcase their desires within a given role. Additionally, with the COVID pandemic driving more Video calls, our Platform includes a section that allows for 1-1 Video Conferencing calling for the interview process. The Employers also can upload any documents to streamline the onboarding process, training information, and videos for all prospective candidates. The employers also can retrieve analytics on the progress of the prospective candidates throughout the onboarding process.

It is a common belief at Jubilant that a more personable approach is key to finding the correct individuals to fulfill a vacancy for a given organization. Many of the past mainstream employment intermediaries are far too focused on driving a sale and not finding the correct person for your organization. While there is a substantial delta between the cost of our service & the cost of many other legacy organizations, Jubilant does not only provide a more in-depth approach to the hiring process but also has an Education Center that allows for continued education, workplace compliance, and training, instructional education, and other informative videos to better help educate our learners and provide the experience-based knowledge to give our candidates the confidence to be an asset to your organization and successful in their career path. Within this section, anyone eager to level up their career can take several courses to generate credits toward certain field-related accreditations. With the cost of education increasing year over year, our education platform is not only a fraction of the price of a standard Four-Year university, but each minute that is spent is related to your desired field of expertise. Our subscription program allows the users access to educational materials that will enhance their knowledge, skills, and overall performance in their career field of choice. Our goal at Jubilant is to provide both the Candidate & Employer with a customized approach to finding the right person with incentives of longevity & not hire someone that will end up being let go a few months down the line due to not being a good personality/ functional fit within the organization or the organization not being a proper fit for the candidate.

Unlike other organizations, we are focused not just on turning a profit but creating a brand that focuses on the betterment of both the hiring organization by bringing in new talent & the employee who is looking for a long-term role that they can excel & grow in. Our bottom line is calculated by connecting both parties where they both have a wonderful experience and achieve happiness in their career. If you are interested in doing a live demonstration of our platform & service, please contact us and we will follow up with a Calendar Invite so we can address any questions you may have & showcase the innovative features of our Service. Again thank you for your time and interest and may your career be Jubilant.

Highlights of the Jubilant Platform:

Ease of Use:

After a short Video Demonstration of our product, you will be able to easily navigate our many tools and features.

Proprietary software

create the best possible match to fulfill your vacant position based on skills, abilities, personality, work environment, and common goals.

Customizable Toolbar

Allows each Organization/Client to list specific attributes they seek in an employer/employee.

Customized Video Biographies

Each custom profile has the ability to list a short Video Biography of each potential client.

No Contracts

Our Platform is a pay-as-you-go subscription service. The short-term monthly investment will result in Long Term gains. The employer and candidate both have ala carte items available. Those items include but are not limited to job postings, security, and background checks on certain candidates per request of the employer. Personalized videos are specific to employers and certain educational materials.

Platform Security

Our Encrypted Service not only protects the information of the Employer/Employee but also ensures that the confidentiality of the communication is of the utmost significance.

Education Center

hosts many features for learning. The ability for instructors to upload content for free or for profit is to build content on many different subjects. The users also have the ability to access career training, continuing education and other tools to help further assist their careers.